i did it the page is done i can finally escape the ants

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this will always be my favorite picture of amelia

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im just gonna ignore the ants at my feet and finish this page then we’ll spray and ill just

sit in the other room and play vlr for a few hours :’)

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dear ants please stop being in my room

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(before anyone actually freaks out this ‘change’ is entirely specific to this attack’s name, and not what his actual stand name is, which is apparently either the original unaltered name or just D4C, i’m seeing mixed messages)

(Source: gamefaqs.com)

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i shouldve worked harder yesterday i shouldntve played vlr all day omg but the story’s so good and im so close to seeing all the ends

ok nose to the grindstone time this week GOTTA BE A BILLION PRODUCTIVE YEAH

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ok but literally how

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hikikomori cameos in Magical Girl

no but the reverse will certainly be true

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i needa work on my comic but all i can think of is plotstuffs for hikikomori!! dammit!! it’s gonna be cool (probably)

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irony strikes in which i have a fenrich cell strap but not a val and i cry because i want a val but i will never ever have him orz i know your pain but fenrich will probably be in stock soon otakumode is pretty good with that stuff

obviously we were meant to be anon pls unite phone straps with me so we can form the otp

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No, they won’t. They’re figures.

why would you say this to me

why would you step on my dreams like this

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when i packed my d4 figures i put val and fenrich in the same box and havent unpacked them yet

when i finally open it will all their clothes be off

this is schrodinger’s box but sardines

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my val will be forever without a fenrich

nisa how could you do this to me how could you not bring fenrich over you hurt me so much

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the fact that artina is in stock is an extra punch to the gut im so mad

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