You could hide witch100 spoilers under a read more and put a warning on top by just making a new post but I respect your decision of you just don't want to spoil everything for your followers

generally i do just put it under readmores when i wanna say something but sometimes i get spoiler asks i cant publish and im like WHY CANT EVERYONE JUST PLAY AND KNOW THIS GAME

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looks like i wont be sleeping on thursday cuz the livestream will be at like 2 in the morning for me…………….

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i hate not being able to talk about witch100 because literally everything is spoilers

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I'm sorry if i waste your time ;u; btw are u going to get smash bros because that would be super cool B)

whats the point if no lucas (yes of course im getting it)

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my second favorite butler voiced by patrick seitz

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i wanna get dr and sdr2 but i also need to play the pl vs aa crossover and the other most recent pl game?? but i only ever make time for nis games. sorry everything else i like.

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rl incredibly rich assholes: 8(

fictional incredibly rich assholes: 8)))

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vriskafuckingserket replied to your post:Have you considered doing a kickstarter for a larger romance detective project? If you wanted you could even get it funded on like the vita as a platform

Honestly it does seem really stressful but from what I noticed I think if you did do it you’d have a bunch of support c;

aw thank you //

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i wish i had time to do everything

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i wish i had more time to code actual games into my VNs because that is a thing i want for the future. maybe i should just hire someone to do it for me. idk im thinking about game design a lot lately and renpy allows for a lot more than what ive been making with it and i wanna go more in that direction yknow???? i wanna build a story around a puzzle game.

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i do not ever want to run a kickstarter on my own. nope nope not for me.

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