i need everyone to understand my burning love

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im sorry i dont mean to flood u guys with all my disgays but theyre all so important to me i just

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do you happen to have a handy dandy guide for making Cucumber Quest OCs?

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ive been listening to a podcast budgie sent me of this guy explaining the mahabharata and the stories are incredible india is incredible

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What would be FenFens reaction to Tossing Valvz or catching him?

namo drew the perfect comic of this but she took her site down and it’s not on her pixiv so i cANT SHOW YOU

i think about fenrich a lot

oh also my friends running the d4 fanbook got my stuff and loved it and i didnt mess up the japanese, i feel really proud yayyy

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Can you start with Disgaea 4 or should you start with another one?

you can start with any of them!! it’s just hard to go back to older games cuz the system is so refined now. but each of the stories stand on their own, theres some recurring characters but you dont need to know their whole backstories to enjoy it haha

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i think the most he’s ever hurt val is when he pretended he was going to die but those were desperate times and he would’ve been okay either way so does that even count

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you know fenrich better than i do. is it possible that at least at one point valvatorez was going to be his puppet leader?

his whole goal is to find the best demon ever and help them take over the universe, like considering how picky he was with finding a worthy demon it wasn’t just about strength it was about their leadership skills and values as a demon and stuff like that, like if all he cared about was being able to run things his way he wouldve just found the strongest demon to manipulate. but instead he sought out someone who he thought would do the job well and guide them toward it. so i’ve always seen it as something pretty noble, i mean wouldnt you want the universe to have an effective leader making sure everything runs properly? to avoid stuff like what happened with nemo? and i mean they’re demons so it’s not like they wont do bad stuff too but it’d be like in fairness and not to like… destroy everyone. that’s how i feel about it. fenrich is really important.

also!! everything he does is in val’s best interest like he would never ever hurt him which is why he puts up with so much bullshit all the time, like he could easily get rid of certain party members but theyre val’s friends so he won’t. he also couldve FORCED val to drink blood by now but!! everything is val’s decision in the end. fenfen acts like a bad guy but he’s actually perfect. i love him. i love him :’(

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how does anyone whos not into disgaea 4 even put up with me

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what how could you see val as homu

someone drew him in her outfit and fenrich as qb, artina would be madoka. like it makes sense on a surface level but homu fenfen fits way better

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imagine a magical girl au tho fuka would be so cute

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